This is the original description taken from the Blem-book:

"...Herman Bendiksen is the earliest recorded person of this family and is regarded to be the founder of the Blem lineage (why it became Blem is not stated). He was from a farm in Østerlars (the Eastern parish of the Church of St. Laurentius), presumably Rigmandsgård (Rich Man's Farm). In an old chuchbook, which is placed in the Royal Danish Archive in Copenhagen, it says that he had 5 siblings, but their lines can no longer be traced down.

Herman Bendiksen was told to be a gifted man, and for that time he was very knowledgable. He was handy, and able to produce more things than people could in general. For instance he made furniture to both himself and all his children. It's also told that he had some peculiar, reddish-blond hair, which often appears on several family members.

He was married to Ane Kristine Hansdatter from Pilegård (Willow Farm) in Pedersker (the parish of the Church of St. Peter). They lived at Baunegård (Beacon Farm) in the same parish.

Ane Hansdatter descended presumably from an old Bornholmian family, raised as she was close to the sea, the dunes and the beach. The surroundings probably influenced her into thrift and diligence. The poor families of the seashore-fields probably found support in her home, which again caused her to take care of her fellow men, especially her children. This is another characteristic of the family...".

Later research has proven the above information about Herman Bendiksen to be wrong and insufficient.

Herman Bendiksen was the son of Bendix Hermansen and Karen Pedersdatter Sonne. BH was son of Anne Hansdatter Langsted and her second husband, Herman Clausen. Anne Hansdatter Langsted's first husband was Bendix Jacobsen Rothenstein (Rottensten). Herman Bendiksen was born at Heslegård, Østerlars.

Anne Hansdatter Langsted was a descendant of Poul Hansen Ancher, one of the participants in the liberation of Bornholm in 1659, and of Jens Hansen Sode, the founder of the Sode-lineage, who came to Bornholm from the former Danish province, Skåne (now in Sweden).

Karen Pedersdatter Sonne was a descendant of the first Sonne on Bornholm, Oluf Nielsen Sonne, the Scottish merchant Sander Dich, the German nobelman Hartwig Hagefeldt and the first recorded Kofoed in Østermarie, Poul Kofoed, the founder of the Kofoed-family-tree, vol. B

This means that all descendants of Herman Bendiksen also belongs to "Stamtavle over familierne Müller, Madvig og Sode" ("Family-tree of the families Müller, Madvig and Sode"), pages 15 and 20, and "Stamtavle over familien Koefoed" ("The Family-tree of the Koefod-family"), vol. B, page 2.